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TV Elements

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Fight Unit; Badlands Season 2. Directed by Andy Cheng. AMC.

Directed by Ken Girotti. Produced by The History Channel. Arri Alexa. 16×9    

  Directed by DADDY. Red Rage films.

  RED ROCK. Directed by Ian Power. Red Dragon. 16×9 HD

Directed by Paul Duane. Produced by Media Coop.

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson. Produced by Element Films / Film 4 Arri Alexa. 2.35:1 HD

Directed by Andy Wilson. BBC / Amazon. Season three. Arri Akexa; 16×9. HD

Directed by DADDY for Red Rage films. Arri Akexa. 2.35:1 Anamorphic. HD.  

— Directed by John Hayes. Produced by History Channel. Alexa. 16×9. HD.

— Directed by John Hayes. Red. HD. Spherical.    

— Directed By Lee Cronin. Produced by Antidote films.   Arri Alexa. 2.35:1. HD.

— Directed by Stephen St. Leger. Produced by H2 films.   Red. Spherical. 480p.

Directed by Stephen St. Leger. Produced by H2 films.   Arri Alexa 16×9

Directed by Chris Roche: Produced by Filmservice Prague. Shot on Film. 480p. 16×9.    

Directed by Thomas Hefferon. Red Dragon. 16×9. HD.

  Directed by D.A.D.D.Y.. Produced by Red Rage films.

  Directed by Chris Roche. Produced by Micky O’Neill. Arri Alex. 16×9. 480p.

  Directed by John Hayes. 35mm Film. Anamorphic.

Cold Feet. Season 4. Directed by Simon Delaney. Film. Standard Def telecine. 16×9